My name is Kimberley and the first thing people usually say when they have to describe me is friendly! I really love people, so being able to do this and work with so many different people is a dream come true.

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, which is why you’ll see my style is varied and unique. This is one reason why I don’t mass photoshop photos, each photo is individually done by myself because I really believe in that personal approach and attention to detail.

If you want to chat about anything related to doing a shoot just feel free to send me a message via the contact form, I love to hear from people and I’ll never pressure you to do a shoot with me.

After Dusk Photography is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The History

After Dusk Boudoir Photography was founded by myself, Kimberley Newman-Hey, I also run A Shot in the Dark Photography which is more my hobby page!
I am passionate about my photography and I have over 8 years experience, most of which has involved photographing non-models. This allowed me to learn very early on the importance of posing, lighting and angles in creating flattering images for a variety of people. This has led to my distinctive shooting style which I have refined over many years and many many photography shoots, during which boudoir became one of my favourite styles of photography.

I enjoy teaching as well as taking photos, and I have many published articles on both boudoir photography and cosplay photography, as well as delivering panels on photography at several different conventions across the country.