Your Shoot

So maybe you’re thinking about booking, or you’ve already booked your shoot with me,  and wondering…what actually happens?

Once you’ve booked your shoot I’ll pop you an email and we can start discussing what outfit/s you can bring along. I’ll give you tips on flattering styles for your body shape as well as suggestions on what underwear to buy should you want to invest in some new lingerie!
If you are buying new lingerie (which I highly recommend as it makes your shoot even more special!) here’s a couple of quick tips, keeping in mind many of my photos are laying down:

  • When buying a bra always check what it looks like when you lay down (the laying down test!). Your bust should be FULLY supported at the side and front and not drifting off to the side (creating that crease!).
  • If you’re feeling self-conscious about your middle (like many ladies do), then a good babydoll or chemise or bodysuit (the ones that look like a swimsuit but are often lacy) or basque can work wonders! Make sure they reach at least to your panty line or further, otherwise there’s a risk of your tummy poking out! These all need to have fully supported bras as part of them otherwise they’ll do you no favours!
  • I don’t really recommend corsets for laying down shots but if you’re wanting to buy a corset make sure you’re buying a steel boned one; anything less will actually make your shape look unflattering if you have a little more to pull in. There’s many places you can buy custom made corsets and they’re and amazing investment, but for somewhere a little more affordable I recommend Corset Story. Make sure you buy your corset with plenty of time to ensure a correct fit (Corset Story let you send them back if they don’t fit for a different size until you get the right one). A correctly fitted corset should be comfortable to wear and support your bust (not flatten it) especially when laying down (be sure to check what your bust looks like laying down in the corset. You don’t want your bust going out to the side, it should be fully supported!).
  • A good pair of stockings and suspender belt are a girls best friend! The Big Tights company do some great sizes and are definitely what I recommend! These will add that extra oomph to your outfit: trust me, you wont regret it!

You can always email me with any questions you might have about what you’re wanting to bring along and I can advise you. I always recommend doing the laying down test first!

As a quick side note if you’re planning on getting a wax give your skin enough time to recover if you have sensitive skin. The same goes for shaving!

So, we know what you’ll be wearing, we’ve got our date booked, it’s the night before. Should you do anything to prep? The main thing I recommend is always wash your hair the night/day before as that makes it easier to style than hair washed that morning. Drink plenty of water, get a good nights sleep and relax!

It’s the big day! My biggest piece of advice is don’t wear anything tight or anything that will leave marks on your skin (we all know about tight sock marks!). It’s best to arrive wearing no make-up as this will make the hair and make-up process much easier. Once you get here the first thing you’ll receive is a big welcome! And a glass of wine or soft drink if you want it. We’ll get you settled for your hair and make-up transformation (one of my favourite parts!) and we’ll have a good chat about the shoot, what you’ve brought with you and anything else you might like to chat about. If your package includes prop access I’ll have brought along some complimentary pieces for us to go through too.

Once you’ve had your hair and make-up done it’s time to start! I’ll have already styled the room to match your choice of outfits. We’ll start out nice and easy and go at your pace. I’ll give you full direction on everything from your toes to your fingertips, so no need to worry here. We’ll more than likely have a good laugh at the same time! I’ll leave you to change into your next outfit and we’ll take some more gorgeous photos.

Once we’re all done I’ll leave you to get changed back into your civvies and you can meet me when you’re ready so I can see you off!

The next step is getting to see your gorgeous images. I always try and give an accurate time frame for when your images will be ready depending on how busy I am at that time (some times of year are busier than others!) but you shouldn’t be waiting longer than a month. As each photo is individually edited by myself it can take longer than same day studios who often just use photoshop actions (the same edit with a click of a button) for all the photos. If this is a gift for someone make sure you give yourself plenty of time for it to be ready in time.
Once your images are ready I’ll pop you an email and give you access to your own, personal, private online gallery. From there you can choose which photos you want, and choose any extra photos you might want to add on your package. Your photos will be put onto your pen drive and shipped out to you within days.  If you have chosen extra photos, your pen drive will be shipped out to you on payment of the invoice I’ll send out.

And there you have it! If you’ve got any more questions please feel free to pop me an email, I can’t wait to meet you!